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Doramaar was a band from New Zealand. They formed in 1994, and initially consisted of Kim Pieters, Adria Morgan, Sara Stephenson, and Andre Richardson. They released their debut album, Copula, on Bruce Russell's Corpus Hermeticum label. Richardson left the band soon after this. As a trio, the band released their second album, Terra Incognita, on the Fusetron label in March 1996. They disbanded a few months later

Volcanic Tongue

"Coalescing around the inspiration of Kim Pieters (Dadamah, Rain, Flies Inside The Sun), the line-up on this album includes Sara Stephenson, Adria Morgan and Andre Richardson. Favoring a revolving door policy with instruments, the group employ guitar, bass, synthesizer, organ, drums and voice to create sound-worlds that are at once enticing and threatening, like the paradigmatic songs of the sirens in Jacques Attali's Noise: The Political Economy of Music. Their approach is strictly 'free form'; collective improvisation is emphasized at all times and the group have the uncanny cohesion and singleness of purpose which all truly great improvisational ensembles possess."

"Doramaar was Kim Pieters, Adria Morgan and Sara Stephenson. They're notable for being an all-lady (non-academic) free-improv / free-rock group (however on this first album a guy named Andre Richardson also plays a bit I think). Kim Pieters was in a bunch of New Zealand projects, most notably Dadamah, whose stuff is worth checking out if you're feeling some (more song-based) nineties-underground-rock vibes, I'd recommend searching for This is Not A Dream which has most if not all their recordings, I forget which blogs have posted that. Anyways, Doramaar were made this album and another really great one called Terra Incognita which you can still order on lp from Chris at Fusetron who put it out back in the day. I have that one too and I guess I would have uploaded it if I didnt leave all my records at my grandmother's apartment in NY and if I had some fancy usb turntable, sorry.
Even though part of this group's project was about being a group of women making unstructured music I'll avoid getting into any 'musique féminin' stuff about jouissance or whatever (There's a pretty good interview with them here where Pieters mentions some feminist motivations if you are interested). Still these are some deeply murky, oceanic, submerged-cave-y tracks. Theyre really 'raw' without being really harsh, sometimes sort of dark and heavy without seeming cold or too bleak (at least for me). And they have the nice basement / tunnel vibes you hear on a lot of the better (in my opinion) recording of free music with rock-instrumentation. I guess I could include some more descriptions about nocturnal haze or slow trips through mud to the center of the earth or something. But you should download this album and check it out if you're interested in free-form music, free-form music made by women, New Zealand 90s stuff, under-rated noise / rock from the 90s, murky stuff, drone-y spaced-out freaky stuff, whatever, all or any of those."


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Su Tissue - Salon de musique (1982)

le diable au coeur mix mix


1/kan kan - phone call
2/conrad schnitzler-roofmusic 05 (conrad and gregor schnitzler)
3/ela eis - my clown
4/hans-a-plast - Barfuss in Scherben
5/eric random & the bedlamites - bedlam a go-go
6/baby buddha - robot police
7/the gadgets - autumn 80
8/inflatable boy clams - boystown
9/janet armstrong - inadequate
10/moral - lady happiness
11/family fodder - savoir faire

le diable au coeur

2712 era vulgaris mix


1/Tom Fazzini - cradle song
2/Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Lai tu aizmirstu
3/Partly Cloudy - Nice Time
4/John K. - those bedroom eyes
5/Stockholm Monsters - Fairy Tales
6/Chet Bolins - Without Love
7/Dale Jenkins - Love And War
8/Bruce Hirdler - oh lord please forgive me now
9/Sean Nicholas Savage - gemini heart
10/R. Stevie Moore - we're in vietnam
11/Brian Sands - Baby You're A Rich Man
12/Burnt Ones - Bring You All My Love
13/Happy Dragon Band - lyrics of love
14/J.K. & Co - little children
15/Paul Reekie - lovers
16/Daniel Padden - sponge shipwreck
17/Occasional Detroit - Cellular Cousin
18/The Cherry Smash - Californya Bum Trip (You Made Me Hate The Beach Boys)
19/Brian Wilson - meet me in my dreams (alt)

2712 era vulgaris

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ama-dots - hit girls 7'' (usa) 1980

Rerun Records

The Ama-Dots were an amazing, but underdocumented No Wave/Post Punk band from Milwaukee, WI. They existed from the late ‘70s and last until the mid '80s. A brilliant 7” from 1979 was their sole release. A long time favorite around the Rerun household, we had to dig further. In our early conversations, we were informed the band also recorded a 12”ep that never made it past the test pressing stage. This exciting news was only topped when we learned that session was recorded with legendary Chicago engineer/producer Iain Burgess. Not only Steve Albini’s mentor, but Burgess is often credited as forming the ‘80s “Chicago sound” with his productions of early works by Big Black, The Effigies and Naked Raygun.

ama-dots - hit girls