среда, 9 февраля 2011 г.

ama-dots - hit girls 7'' (usa) 1980

Rerun Records

The Ama-Dots were an amazing, but underdocumented No Wave/Post Punk band from Milwaukee, WI. They existed from the late ‘70s and last until the mid '80s. A brilliant 7” from 1979 was their sole release. A long time favorite around the Rerun household, we had to dig further. In our early conversations, we were informed the band also recorded a 12”ep that never made it past the test pressing stage. This exciting news was only topped when we learned that session was recorded with legendary Chicago engineer/producer Iain Burgess. Not only Steve Albini’s mentor, but Burgess is often credited as forming the ‘80s “Chicago sound” with his productions of early works by Big Black, The Effigies and Naked Raygun.

ama-dots - hit girls

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